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Mini Warehouse Cayman – 15 Little-Known Packing & Stacking Tricks


Mini Warehouse Cayman – 15 Little-Known Packing & Stacking Tricks

Now that you’ve found the perfect mini warehouse Cayman facility, it is time to begin the preparation for moving in. Here we offer 15 (or more) little-known tricks for packing and stacking your locker like a professional, to help ensure that you have a hassle-free experience.


Inventory List

Make an inventory of the items being stored.1) Make an inventory of the items being stored.  Then be sure to keep a few copies of this list in different places. Keep one copy in your car, one in an envelope taped to the inside wall of the store room, and one copy at home.  You never want to wonder where you’ve left this list.

Labeling Boxes

2) Print up box labels using Avery Mailing Labels so you can match the contents on the Inventory List with the contents of each box.  It is best to list the box contents on the Inventory List and not on each box. Mini warehouse design your list in order from the front of the unit, to the back.

Remember that the location of the label matters. Either have several identical labels so you can affix them to all 4 sides of each box, or simply make sure the one labeled side of the box is arranged such that it appears consistently along with all the other boxes in the stack.

Wooden Pallets on the Floor

3) Concrete is not a moisture barrier. Whether the concrete is new or old, and depending on the local weather and water table, moisture can seep up through the floor.  And since nearly all storing facilities are built on a concrete foundation (including Cayman Self Storage,) you would be wise to use either wooden pallets or 2×4’s to prop up your boxes and furniture.

Pathways Inside the Mini Warehouse Cayman Unit

4) When arranging the inside of the locker room, leave one or more narrow pathways in and through the stored contents, making for easy access to items in the back, along the sides, and down the middle.leave one or more narrow pathways in and through the mini warehouse Cayman

Packing and Stacking Tricks

Dishes and Glassware (and Other Breakables)

5) You can always spend the big bucks and purchase dish barrels, large 18” x 18” x 28″ heavy-duty packing boxes with fitted cardboard separators to offer protection.  However…for storing, we believe this might be over doing it (not to mention that it will require more boxes since you can fit fewer items in each box.)

To store your fragile belongings, start with strong, solid boxes (verses grocery store give-a-ways.)  Take the time to pack everything carefully. It is important for you to buffer and separate the fragile items that you pack with newsprint, bubble wrap, sheets, blankets, pillows or towels. Wrap each fragile item individually in newsprint paper, and set plates on their side, tightly fitted against other similar sized plates, rather than flat in the box, inside the Caymans Mini Warehouse unit.

Pictures and Mirrors

6) Starting with a flattened box, tape one end together, creating an envelope or sleeve. Then slide the framed picture or mirror in the sleeve and tape up the open end. Starting with a flattened box, tape one end together, creating an envelope or sleeve. Mini warehouse Cayman

Gardening and Outdoor Equipment

7) Use an empty trash can to store hoses, rakes, shovels and other gardening equipment.  And stack extra trash cans together to save space.

8) For outdoor motorized equipment including lawn mowers, leaf blowers, etc., always drain out excess fluids (gas and oil) before storing the items.  This not only safeguards against “combustion”, but it prevents the fluids from sludging up the motor while going unused.

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Saving Space

9) Disassemble furniture if possible.  Table legs and sofa “feet” can usually be removed to allow these items to fit into smaller spaces.  Bed frames and large furniture can be broken down to save space but remember to keep the screws and fastening equipment in a Ziploc bag, taped to the underside of the furniture piece itself.

10) Most storages have 8 ft ceilings (or higher) so use that vertical space.  Larger furniture such as sectionals, sofas and love-seats and even entertainment centers can be set vertically on their end to conserve floor space. Packing Trick #2 above reminds you that concrete floors may become damp, depending on the local weather and water table, so always protect the furniture that is tipped on end by setting it on wooden 2×4’s if possible.  For unattached sofa cushions, they can be wrapped in old blankets or sheets and placed anywhere they will fit.

11) Larger appliances and chests of drawers are great places to pack and store small or fragile items like silverware, china or breakable nick-knacks, as well as larger but lightweight items including small toys, pillows, towels, table linens, clothing and blankets.

Protecting Your Items in Mini Warehouse Cayman

12) Never use plastic tarps to protect against dust…especially with upholstered furniture.  Plastic holds in moisture, possibly promoting the growth of mold or mildew.  Instead, use old blankets or sheets. Fabric will allow moisture to dissipate naturally.

13) Storing mattresses is tricky (less so with box springs).  You would think to store mattresses vertically on end, so to save space.  But if you think this…you’d be wrong.  Storing mattresses vertically will cause them to bend, warp and become lumpy.  If you find yourself having to store them vertically, be sure of two things:  1) support them very well between other large furniture pieces (including the box spring), and 2) do not rest them directly on a concrete floor.  You can think of a mattress as a large absorbent sponge, soaking up any moisture it comes in contact with.

Otherwise, it is best to store mattresses flat, as the mattress is in its ‘natural’ state in the bedroom.  As they are usually relatively light weight, they can be set on top of a large, level stack of boxes or other furniture.

14) When storing musical instruments, of course keep them in their own case if you own one.  Otherwise, wrap the instrument in a blanket or sheet and store it inside a larger appliance or chest of drawers.  For stringed instruments, remember to loosen the strings.  Otherwise over time, the strings will stretch requiring them to be replaced.

Never Store These Things in the Mini Warehouse in Cayman!

15) Storage facilities will not allow you to store hazardous, perishable or living items. Hazardous materials include: paint, thinners, solvents, oils, varnishes, firearm ammunition, bottled gas, propane, lamp oil, or anything flammable, explosive or corrosive including motor fuels and oils, nail polish remover, bleach or aerosol cans.

And you will not want to store any kind of perishable food items as they will most definitely attract insects and rodents into your unit.

And of course, storing living things of any sort is strictly forbidden.  We hope that you are shocked to discover that storage managers do find, far too often, plants, insect collections, canisters of live bait, and even living animals including fish or snakes in aquariums, and even small pets including small dogs, cats, ferrets, hamsters and gerbils!

Five Bonus Tips for Organizing Your Mini Warehouse Cayman

We’ve all seen those nightmare drive-up units on TV filled with towering boxes that you can’t see past. Make your store room efficient and organized so you can get to the things you need when you need them. The best and easiest way to have an organized locker is to start off right by staying organized and neat when you’re filling the unit with your things.

  1. Use proper containers. Though you can use boxes, using plastic containers last longer, look neat and clean and keeps the items inside in great shape. They stack neatly on top of each other and look nice inside your unit. They also come in varying sizes and shapes. Group similar storage containers together so they stack evenly.
  2. Put heavy items on the bottom of each stack, with the lightest items on the top of the stack.
  3. Put large items in the back of the unit. You don’t want to push up your roll-up door and have a refrigerator or couch blocking the very front of the space. Put large, heavy items in the back and stack the rest accordingly. Consider things you may need access to and put them towards the front so you don’t have to dig around and make a big mess. Disassemble furniture if possible for even more room.
  4. Label all of your boxes and bins. This makes it much easier to find what you need later on, and keeps your unit organized. It’s also a good idea to keep an inventory list of everything you place in your unit, so if there is something you are looking for you can consult the list to see if it’s inside.
  5. When you’re filling your unit, be careful to construct a walkway in between items and boxes. This ensures you can get around the unit without issues. Take care to stack your items in such a way that you can access the entire unit, including the items at the back. If there isn’t room for a walkway, you may need a bigger unit!

Are you looking for brand new, clean and secure facility to safely store your things? Look no further than Cayman Self Storage in Grand Cayman (opening Summer 2020) for affordable and secure drive-up storage, climate controlled storage and vehicle parking. Contact us for details, or stop by to find out how easy it is to lease a mini warehouse today.

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