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How to Use Your Storage Unit When Staging A Home

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How to Use Your Storage Unit When Staging A Home

So you’re getting ready to move. It’s an exciting and stressful time, and there is so much to do! Of course, half the battle of moving to a new home is selling the one you’re in. In addition to finding the right realtor, deciding on a listing price, and signing mountains of paperwork, you’ve got to get your current house in shape for potential buyers. Staging a home while you’re still living in it can make you feel like you’re moving twice. Your air conditioned storage units near me can help make this tricky process run a lot more smoothly,  and we’re going to tell you how.

1. Creating an (Almost) Clean Slate

Did you know that Home Staging is actually a profession? That’s right, there are a ton of companies dedicated entirely to staging homes to sell. Staged homes tend to sell for more and generally receive better feedback from potential buyers and their agents. The key to staging your home properly is (you guessed it) organization. For a lot of us, tidying up means storing random knick-knacks in closets and crawl spaces for future you to deal with at a later date. In this situation, that doesn’t work, as potential buyers will most likely be checking out every closet, attic, and basement to get a feel for the space. By storing these items in your climate controlled storage unit, your home will appear cleaner, newer, and bigger, which is exactly what buyers are looking for. The bonus? When you are ready to move into your new space, your personal items are already packed up and waiting for you.

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2. Protecting Valuables

Open houses and showings are incredibly important when it comes to selling your home, as your listing agent has undoubtedly mentioned to you several times. However, the idea of complete strangers traipsing through your house may make you feel uneasy, especially if you have unsecured valuables around. We recommend keeping art, jewelry, and even intrinsically valuable items like breakable vases or personal photos safe and secure in your personal storage unit. You may also want to consider storing important documents like passports, birth certificates, and bank statements as well. On moving day, you’ll be glad to know exactly where these items are when you need them.

3. Pet & Children’s Items

Of course, we aren’t comparing having pets to having kids, but between your pups impressive tennis ball collection and your kids’ life-sized doll houses, potential buyers may have a hard time imagining themselves in a space that is so clearly someone else’s. Consider moving items like pet beds, litter boxes, and much loved toys into your storage unit to create a cleaner, less personalized space for potential buyers to view. Additionally, consider moving children’s items such as large toys, bikes, and playthings into storage as well. Involve your kids in the process by allowing them to choose a few toys to keep in their rooms and display neatly. When you are ready to move your belongings into your new home, most of the kids items will already be perfectly stored and ready to be unpacked thanks to your stellar organization ahead of time.

Source: ProGuard Storage  locations in the Houston, Texas

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