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How To: Self-Storage & Seasonal Items


How To: Self-Storage & Seasonal Items

While it may not get quite as cold in Texas as it does in other parts of the country, winter in the lone star state is still pretty chilly. We’ve traded in our bikes and boats for cozy blankets and football Sundays, at least until the temps gets back into the 70’s. All this hibernating certainly comes with its own merits, as we enjoy the gift-giving (and gift getting) season, along with tons of family time and exciting new year’s resolutions. However, being stuck inside can also make us realize just how much stuff we have, especially if you are currently storing outside fitness equipment and other warm-weather supplies inside of your home or garage. Here are some handy suggestions on how to use your drive-up self storage units to declutter your home and efficiently store seasonal items of all shapes and sizes.

1. Seasonal Storage Items

Garages and basements can often act as a ‘catch-all’ for both large and small items that we can’t throw out but aren’t using on a daily basis. This can include anything from bikes to baseball gloves, and before you know it, your space seems stuffed to the brim.  A self-storage unit is a great alternative for the stuff you need, but you don’t need right now. Make sure to organize your unit with the stuff you use most often towards the front, and remember, you can always upgrade to a bigger unit

2. Personal Fitness Machines

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Great news! Santa brought you a high-end stationary bike with all the bells and whistles to help you stay fit, which is coincidentally one of your new year’s resolutions. The only problem is that you can’t quite find room for it in your shared apartment. Renting a personal unit to store larger fitness items like this can be the ideal solution until you move into a larger space, complete with your own in-house gym of course.

3. Pool Equipment

We’ve all experienced it, the excitement of breaking out the slip n’ slide or our favorite inflatable on the first warm day of spring, only to find it poked with holes from our hasty storing. Take advantage of your personal unit by packing delicate items like this in a lidded,  plastic bin. Our Houston climate-controlled facilities will ensure that your beloved floats are safe, sound, and ready for summer fun once the weather warms up!

Source: ProGuard Storage locations in the Houston, Texas area.

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