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Drive-Up Storage Cayman Islands – A Complete Guide to Storing on the Island


Drive-Up Storage Cayman Islands – A Complete Guide to Storing on the Island

Selecting “the right” Drive-Up Storage Cayman Islands Storage facility isn’t as easy as one might think.

Why?  Because you’re bombarded with misleading advertising, confusing claims and simply bad information.  From super-low prices and high-pressure sales – to unqualified Storage Managers and run-down facilities – how do you ever find a qualified, competent, professional facility?

You start by reading this Complete Guide.

In this fact-filled Guide, you’ll discover:

This guide was written to help you better understand this industry and the business practices of this industry…even if you’ve stored before.  This guide will offer valuable tips, tricks and ideas to help you save money, save time and save frustration.

Finally, with this information in hand, you can make an informed, intelligent decision when selecting the storage company in the Caymans that is perfect for you.

And if you have any questions about storing your important personal or business possessions, you’re invited to call us, Cayman Self Storage located in George Town near the airport.

At Cayman Self Storage, we’ve dedicated our business to educating consumers. We’ll be happy to help you in every way we can. With this dedication, we want you to experience…


At Cayman Self Storage, we deliver unmatched quality, every day. Visit our state-of-the-art facility and discover an immaculately maintained property with professional storage experts delivering the hassle-free experience that you deserve and expect.

4 Storage Rip-Offs. Don’t Be a Victim

Rip-Off #1: Extremely Low Prices – A Bait And SwitchDon’t let unscrupulous storage managers victimize you. Drive-Up Storage Cayman Islands

To some degree, we are all attracted to a product or service by a low price because we all want to work within a budget. But some drive-up storage Cayman Islands facilities use a super-low price as the bait in their false and misleading advertising. They offer a cheap price for a very small, basic storage unit, in a print or online ad, or when quoting a rental rate over the phone.

Bait and Switch Drive-Up Storage Cayman IslandsThen, once you arrive at their rental office, they’ll switch things up and pressure you or ‘trick’ you into renting a larger, more expensive unit by telling you that the smaller size is no longer available…Or they trick you into paying for “add-on products and services” that you did not expect to pay for.

Especially since no legitimate storage company can give you an exact rate quote over the phone (there are simply too many variables to discern during a phone call), be very weary of a storage manager that tosses out that low-ball quote, just to “set the hook, and real you in.”

Rip-Off #2: “Hidden” and Useless Charges

Similar to the “bait and switch”, but slightly different, is the self storage industry’s fixation on “hidden” charges.  They are “hidden” because you will seldom be quoted these charges over the phone…and they are “useless” because you usually won’t receive any “value” for the money you pay.

These hidden charges often take the form of having to pay “administration fees” and “deposits.”  From what we can tell, administration fees are charged by many facilities, charging you for the “effort” to simply fill out some paperwork and punch your name into the computer. Really?  These “Admin” fees, as they are called, can easily add up to over $30 dollars. It’s as if you were buying a new car from the auto dealership and found that the dealer was charging you extra to fill out your Loan Application!

And “Deposits” are said to be refundable “security” deposits to encourage you to leave a clean unit upon move-out.  Do you really think you’ll ever see that money again? The storage agreement you sign provides the storage company a dozen conditions under which they will never have to return your deposit.

When “hidden” charges are not a Rip-Off

Please note…there may also be “hidden” charges that are not useless at all and are not a rip-off!  These added costs could include paying additionally for Tenant Insurance coverage (or other type of Tenant Protection coverage) and even having to buy a high quality lock for your unit.

While these hidden costs are not technically “rip-offs” (because you do receive value for these purchases), they may still be “hidden” during your initial phone call, so you will be wise to always ask the Manager about any hidden fees or costs that you will incur.

Rip-Off #3: “Free” Is Usually Not Quite Free

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To be fair, this item is not so much a “rip-off”, as it is a “Buyer Beware!”

It is no surprise that “freebies” and other customer “give-away” programs are prevalent in most business promotions these days.

And why not?  We, as customers, love to receive a little something extra for free.  A free appetizer (with the purchase of an entrée), a free gift certificate (with the purchase of a certain dollar level,) or even simply being entered into a drawing for a free Thanksgiving Day turkey dinner.  The fact is, the most powerful marketing word that exists on the planet is the word “free.”  Nothing else better has been invented yet.

But in all of these cases, “free” is usually not quite free.  But in our opinion, that’s OK!

Your Expectations Matter!

Here’s the deal. If you find an ad that offers something for free, and you expect to be able to walk into the business, claim your free thing, and walk out, then you will feel that you’ve been “ripped off”.  But this never was, nor never will be how “freebie” and “give-away” programs work, in any business.

And so it is with drive-up Storage Cayman Islands Storage companies promoting their business.  You’ll see “Free Month” or “Free Lock” or simply just “Free Rent”.

Now, with self storage, this may be a Rip-Off…or it may not be.  Sure, there is always a chance that something is just “too good to be true.” But that is not our experience.

Our experience is, for the smart shopper that asks the right questions, they do, in fact receive something for free.  Of course the smart shopper will always first ask, “what’s the catch?”  This is a fair question and usually you’ll receive a fair answer.

You may learn that you have to pre-pay 3 months, to receive the 4th month free.  Ok, great! That represents a 25% discount. Not bad.  Or maybe you’ll receive a free disc lock when you rent that day; or a free pack of moving boxes, or a free “moisture out” product when you rent.

When “free” becomes a Rip Off!

The word “free” only becomes a Rip-Off when you do not, in fact, receive the “give away” item for free, under any circumstance.  Or when the means by which you “qualify” for the free item is concealed from you until the very last minute.

So it all comes back to this. Ask questions. Demand answers. And as always, ‘Buyer Beware!”

RIP-OFF #4:  “Move In for $1.00!”

Depending on the time of year, you’ll see more or less of this promotion in your city or town.  And you’ll notice a clear connection between this Rip-Off and Rip-Off # 2, above.

The “Move In for $1.00” promotion can sound great, but you’ll be wise to quell your excitement until you actually discover what you’ll “really” pay!

This promotion will generally offer the first month’s rent for $1.00, but that will not be all you pay.  The Storage Manager of the drive-up storage Cayman Islands store will charge you for all of the “hidden charges” including administration fees and deposits.  Then they will pressure you into “up sell” items, including boxes, packing supplies, a rental truck and other charges you may not need.

And then there will be the purchase of a new, high quality lock and perhaps they’ll require you to pay for Tenant Insurance.

Finally, you may also be required to sign a long-term lease, committing you to rent for several months, in order to secure your $1.00 Move In.  In an industry where month-to-month agreements are the norm, we suggest you never, ever sign an agreement that locks you in for additional months.  Not even when the “shiny object” they are dangling in your face” is a $1.00 move in.

If truth be told, only the long-term agreement is “bad”.  The added costs mentioned above are really quite normal.  This promotion only “becomes a Rip-Off” depending on of how it is presented to you over the phone.  If the storage manager suggests, or even pretends, that “all you’ll pay is $1.00”…that is when this promotion becomes a Rip-Off…and that is when you need to tread very carefully!

Drive-Up Storage Cayman Islands to serve you!

Continue reading the rest of the Complete Guide to Drive-Up Storage Cayman Islands at these pages:

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