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Climate Controlled Storage Caymans Needed in Humid Cities

Climate Controlled

Climate Controlled Storage Caymans Needed in Humid Cities

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Unless you live in the desert, you’re going to experience humidity from time to time. And while many places’ humidity can be handled, the Cayman Islands is a different situation. The Islands are one of the most humid areas in the world with humidity levels frequently getting to 90% or higher during summertime months requiring climate controlled storage Caymans.

Because of the high humidity, it’s vital to safeguard your items, especially if you’re looking to rent out a self storage locker. Climate control works to protect your things in hot, humid cities. And even when temperatures become cooler in the Cayman Islands, these types of storage rooms remove the danger of damages, extending the life of your favored belongings. In this write-up, we’ll explore why you should seriously consider air conditioned storage units in warm, damp cities like those located in the Caymans.

Risk and Danger of High Humidity

You should know that even low levels of humid air can damage furniture and other items. But when the humidity levels are high, damage take place much faster. If humidity levels get to around 80-85%, mold and mildew will certainly start to grow within 7 days. After it begins expanding, the mold has a suitable atmosphere to continuing growing even when humidity levels drop back down.

Other damages besides growing mold and mildew, caused by high levels of humidity including expanding and contracting, colorization changes, warping and bending of wooden items, and other deterioration. Depending upon what you’re storing, this can bring about pricey repair or replacement of your things. And if the item or items is irreplaceable, like photos, documents or rare collections, this could mean a total loss. Humidity influences almost all of the valuables you ‘d likely save. Unless you’re keeping things made of plastic and/or steel, you ought to choose a temperature controlled self storage system.

Wood Furniture

image of wooden antique card table All wood types are porous, some more than others. While some wood is denser than others, making it much less permeable, other types will still soak up wetness in high humidity. If you have any type of furniture made of different spices of wood, you need an environment where the temperature (and therefore the humidity) is controlled. Timber continually soaks up moisture and when the environment dries out, sheds moister, causing a fluctuation back and forth, throughout the year. This causes furniture to expand and afterwards contract, resulting in warping at the very least.

For the most part, this cycle will create damage to the joints of the furniture pieces. In significant situations, furnishings can even fall apart. The joints loosen so much that the screws lose their grip and and the furniture requires serious repair. Depending on the sort of furniture you have, this can be costly to repair or replace. If you have antique furnishings, it’s often irreplaceable.
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Books and other Publications

If you’ve ever before splashed water on a book or magazine, you recognize that the fragile pages don’t blend well with liquids. When humidity levels rise, paper pages will certainly warp as well as mold, and the binding will eventually break. If you’re storing valuable books, like first editions, this is unimaginable. Keeping books safe from humidity is specifically important during the hurricane months on the Islands. Safeguarding your things from humidity, specifically those made of paper like books, is a necessity.

Electronic Devices

The majority of electronic devices call for a hefty upfront financial investment. Essentially, the larger the device, the more money it costs. Because of this, it’s a huge waste of money to store your electronic devices in a storage unit that does not have temperature control. High temperatures and humidity will certainly harm inner components via extreme condensation. Cables are quickly corroded and also the parts will likely short-circuit when they’re plugged back in. To prevent a massive loss, make the investment in climate regulated self storage units.

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Collections and Antiques

image of stamp collection albumIf you’ve been building a collection for years, you know how important it is to keep things safe. Unless your collection is strictly old coins, you’ll need climate control. If you collect bills, they will fade and warp over time in high humidity and lose their value. Stamps will wither and mold in rust-colored spots. Vinyl records will warp and become unplayable. If you’re serious about protecting your collection, you need to keep it out of high humidity climates by finding climate controlled storage Caymans.

If you have actually been constructing a collection for several years, you understand just how essential it is to keep them safe. Unless your collection is strictly old coins, you’ll need environment controlled storage. If you accumulate paper items such as bills or documents, they will discolor, fade and even warp in time in high humidity and lose their worth. Stamps will certainly get ruined as well as mold in rust-colored areas. Vinyl records will warp and will no longer be playable. If you’re major concern is protecting your collection, you need to protect it from high humidity environments and choose climate lockers.


Photo albums, old photos, or hand-made scrapbooks need temperature and humidity control like you’ll find in climate control units. The acid in the pictures is not stable to accommodate high degrees of humidity. When exposed to high humidity, they will certainly create sticky surface on the photos and will eventually soften as well as stick to other surface areas. This is why some pictures that have been in frames for a long period of time transfer to the glass. If you have photos that aren’t digitally backed up, this might suggest losing them forever. Environment control will protect your pictures from being ruined, despite exactly how old they are.

Musical Instruments and Artwork

image of violinOther things that you need to store in climate control settings include artwork and musical instruments. Both are delicate and need the proper environments to ensure they stay in pristine condition. When artwork is exposed to high levels of humidity, it’s quickly ruined. When musical instruments are exposed to high levels of humidity, the way they sound will change because of internal warping and damage.

Reasons to Select Heated and Air-cooled Self Storage

Climate controlled storage Caymans units are the best defense against high humidity levels in Florida. They also help protect your things when the air gets too dry.

Long Storage Periods

While short-term exposure to high humidity might not cause substantial damage, long-term exposure will. If you’re planning to keep your things in storage for a long period of time, it’s worth it to opt for a temperature monitored lockers. Even if the monthly costs are a bit more than non-controlled rooms, you’ll save money in the long run.

Living in High Humidity Cities

If you live in high humidity cities, especially those in the Caymans, you need climate control. As we mentioned, the weather on Grand Cayman often reaches levels of 90% humidity and above. To protect your things from damage, check out Cayman Self Storage in Grand Cayman. Rent online and save money with our city-specific promotions!

Storing Irreplaceable Items

When storing irreplaceable items, the risk is simply not worth it. Put them in temperature controlled lockers to avoid any loss and keep important items safe and in pristine condition for years to come.

Finding a Climate Controlled Storage Caymans Storage Near You

If you’re looking for heated and A/C controlled storage, Cayman Self Storage has you covered. Our heated and cooled storage lockers are here to help make sure that your things are protected from both high humidity and low humidity. At Cayman Self Storage, we have a many different sized units so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. From small storage spaces to large ones, many of our units have A/C and heating to help protect your things. Contact us and we will work with you and your budget to find the storage unit that fits your needs.

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