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Tips to Unleash Your Creativity with Holiday Decor

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Tips to Unleash Your Creativity with Holiday Decor

The pumpkin-spice-everything has hit the shelves and with that comes a season of making memories with your family and friends. That’s right, the season of haunts, gratitude, and lights is here, and decoration preparations are underway.

You get to the drawing board dreaming up your perfect home decor plan, and right away, you hit a snag: “Where will I store all this stuff?”

Not to worry, you don’t have to stifle your creativity just because the crawl space under the staircase is getting full! Yes, Halloween & holiday decor can take up space, and imagine opening a closet only to have a plastic skeleton fall out!

Thankfully, our ac storage units are here to help!

Ranging from smaller storage rental options to climate-controlled 10X30 units big enough to house a full haunted house attraction, self-storage is an excellent solution to keeping decorations out of your hair and letting your creativity soar!

Coming Fall 2020! Cayman Self Storage!

Grand Cayman's newest, most state-of-the-art secure storage facility.

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Here are a few tips on how to unleash your creativity this season:

  1. Don’t rush.

Creativity takes time. Now that you’ve set an intention to be the house-to-beat in your neighborhood, trust that the ideas will flow.

  1. Create an atmosphere. 

Grab a warm apple cider, pull up the fireplace app on your device, and start jotting down some ideas.

  1. Clear Your Schedule. 

Creativity needs breathing room. Set aside a day or two where the to-do list takes a back seat.

Go ahead, make memories this Holiday Season!

Source: Proguard self storage locations

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